How to put the cheats.db into the PSP and use it.

4 12 2008

I`m gonna show you how to put my database on the PSP and use it on games.

Follow my STEP by STEP rules and you can use it.
a.How to put database in PSP.
1.Plug in your PSP into the usb and select USB Connection on your PSP
2.Open these folders in order seplugins/cwcheat.
3.There will be a CHEAT.DB file there.Drag mine into the folder and Wala!You have it!
4.If you want to change it then use Notepad or if you are using Mac use TextEdit.

b.How to activate CWCHEAT on PSP.(If you know how to activate CWCHEAT already skip to c.)
1.On your PSP and press R to go to the M33 recovery menu.
2.The PSP  MUST be completely off.Not in sleep mode.
3.Select “Plugins ->” and press X.
4.You will see cwcheat.prx [GAME],cwcheatpops.prx [POPS] and cwcheat.prx [GAME150].
5.Enable them all and exit M33 recovery menu.

c.How to use my database on PSP.
1.Start a game and wait for it to load finish.
2.When you get into the game scene,press SELECT for 3 or more seconds.
3.Select “Select Cheats” press triangle to select all press again to deselect all.
4.Press O when you slected the cheats,select Enable cheats then select Return to Game!
5.Sometimes the game may hang too.

6.It also works on POPs (PS1 Converted Games)



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